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The Kamran Yadidi Law Group has a 99% success rate with over $1 billion won for our clients. Find the best personal injury lawyer out there with us.
When you’re looking for the finest personal injury lawyer, you need someone with a consistent background of success. The Kamran Yadidi Law Group has won over $1 billion for our clients and over 20,000 personal injury cases with an overall success rate of 99%.
The next thing to look for in a personal injury attorney is first-hand knowledge and experience with trials and litigation. While facts and figures affect your odds in court, a trial’s outcome is also largely influenced by the way in which the lawyer presents the case. Kamran Yadidi, the founder of our firm and a successful personal injury attorney of his own, is known for his courtroom skills and commanding presence. When a personal injury lawyer displays confidence and expertise to the jury, your case is seen with more validity.
Having a personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of success is the key to winning your case. Insurance companies that see an attorney with a high accomplishment rate are more willing to settle rather than challenging him in court.

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Nearly 100 Years of Combined Legal Experience

Kamran Yadidi, the founder of the Kamran Yadidi Law Group, is known as the personal injury lawyer people go to first when they are looking for attorneys that they know will do everything they can to fight for their case, both in and out of the courtroom. Since the firm’s establishment over in the 1990s, we have worked on over 20,000 personal injury cases. These cases include dog bites, burn injuries, vehicular accidents, and more. With a remarkable success rate and more than $1 billion won for our clients, the Kamran Yadidi Law Group can be your first stop to find the absolute best personal injury lawyer for your case.

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If you need a skilled and effective personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, the Kamran Yadidi Law Group can be your first and last stop. Each personal injury lawyer in our firm has the utmost integrity, experience, and knowledge to get the job done. With well over 90 years of experience among them, they have dealt with a variety of personal injury cases. Our very high success rate precedes them and results in many insurance companies choosing to settle rather than challenge our firm in a lawsuit.
At the Kamran Yadidi Law Group, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that you receive the proper medical treatment you need after an accident. While insurance companies may try to deny your claim through means of their own, our founder and his team of the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will do everything in their power to make sure you are not taken advantage of. Kamran Yadidi, the firm’s founder, is known for being one of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles and has over 27 years of experience handling an array of personal injury cases.

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Over 20K Successful Cases – If you are looking for an accomplished personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, look no further than the Kamran Yadidi Law Group Every single personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who works at Kamran Yadidi Law Group has been carefully chosen for his or her integrity, diligence, and wealth of knowledge and experience. Indeed, these professionals have over 90 years of collective experience with a wide range of personal injury matters. Most importantly, they have the kind of unassailable reputation that makes insurance companies pause before deciding to take lawsuit to court.

Powerful Lawyers For Seriously Injured People – Here at the Kamran Yadidi Law Group, you will find a team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles one hundred percent dedicated to securing the medical treatment you need after an accident. The big insurance companies have a small army of lawyers working to deny your claim, but Kamran Yadidi , founder of this esteemed law firm and a very successful Los Angeles personal injury lawyer in his own right, has gathered under one roof some of the finest legal professionals in Southern California. Kamran Yadidi is especially well-known as a top motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles, but he also brings to bear nearly two decades of experience in personal injury cases that run the gamut from dog bites to product liability, wrongful death claims, and so much more.