Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney

Getting around Los Angeles is so much easier with ridesharing services. They allow us to travel around the busy, sprawling metropolis when we can’t drive ourselves, and for a reasonable price. However, Uber and Lyft drivers are just like any other person on the road and are just as susceptible to collisions that can also cause injury. When an accident occurs, having an experienced Uber or Lyft accident lawyer on your side can help you through your time of need. As one of the top personal injury law firms in Southern California, the team at the Kamran Yadidi Law Group has represented numerous clients with their ridesharing-related accidents and they can do the same for you.

How are Uber and Lyft Accidents Different?

Most of the time, drivers typically carry just enough automobile insurance to ensure their assets. The required legal amount is around $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident to cover injuries. This means that if you’re a victim of a collision caused by someone who was driving that has few assets, your capacity for acquiring monetary compensation can be limited. However, all of this changes drastically when it involves a ridesharing vehicle.

What this Means for Collision Victims

Ridesharing drivers carry $1 million in liability that can benefit four groups of victims. These include other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians injured in an accident caused by the ridesharing driver, as well as the Uber or Lyft driver themselves when they are injured in a collision caused by another driver.
If you have been injured in any of the situations listed above, then you may be able to regain most or even all of your financial loss. While money can’t fix everything all of the ill effects of an accident, financial compensation can aid in a smoother recovery.

About the Kamran Yadidi Law Group

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