Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When a wrongful death occurs, it means that a victim has passed on due to the negligence of another party. The victims surviving loved ones or dependents may bring legal action against the third party in the pursuit of fiduciary reparation corresponding to the liability of the third party’s action.

Wrongful Death in California Law

Every state in the United States of America allows differing approaches on how wrongful death may be pursued. What works in another state could very well be the exact wrong strategy here.

Wrongful Death

Criteria for Damages

According to California legislation, the following points must be proven in the lawsuit for the victim’s survivors to receive financial reparation.

  • The death was caused by misconduct or negligence of the defendant.
  • The extent of the surviving beneficiaries’ damages in terms of finances, pain and suffering, etc.

Who are the Beneficiaries in a Wrongful Death?

California beneficiaries’ standing is determined according to what is known as an order of precedence.

  • The immediate family including a spouse and surviving dependants are the first in line for benefits paid out for wrongful death. The spouse and surviving dependants share a single claim for damages and cannot lay multiple claims for a single case.
  • The victim’s parents, siblings, the children of deceased siblings, grandparents, and then their dependents are next in line.
  • Minors who lived with the deceased victim and received at least 50% support from the victim, at the time of the victim’s death, are the last who may claim damages in a wrongful death case. The minor must have been a part of the deceased’s household for a minimum of 180 days before the victim’s wrongful death for their claim to be valid.

Benefit Collection

It is not enough to prove negligence and that the person suffered damage. That is because most people don’t have sufficient funds to pay those damages unless they are insured against the accident, or if the accident was the responsibility of a business.
In California, if your automobile insurance lapses and you are in an accident, even if it is the other person’s fault, you may only collect special damages including medical expenses and loss of earnings. This does not pertain to general damages or emotional/mental distress.
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Selecting Legal Representation

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Claiming a Wrongful Death

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